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I do {reluctantly} have a personal facebook profile, but my feelings about it are mixed because I also firmly believe…

The past few years the SEO Brisbane have levied a strange burden of proof on our backs, a burden to account for our hours and days, to prove to all who care to watch from the screens of their phones and computers that we are doing something worthy with our lives. In the meantime, we have forgotten how to be content in being present…Let us all remember now in the presence of one another, that are memories are enough. May we live to remind each other to partake of dinner without pause for a clicking shutter or a scribbling pen, we need to balance things out, while getting the best phone accessories from MyTrendyPhone is amazing, we also need to be present in our daily life. Stay here, drink more wine, and let the memories of time exist by themselves within you, and between you and the others. And may your art be a sincere reflection of what already exists, not a post of projection for what we desire.”

{My thoughts exactly. Articulated perfectly by Rebecca Parker Payne for Kinfolk Magazine}

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