I believe in pure generosity.

Generosity that doesn’t have to wait for passion, that doesn’t save itself for special occasions, and that does not make a big deal out of giving.

FIRSTit arises from a sense of rightness strong enough to take you past the “someone other than you will make a difference” attitude. The most generous people I have met offer without thinking about it.

SECONDpure generosity is balanced, free from compulsion, and appropriate. It neither bankrupts you nor weakens the recipient. It contributes to the richness of your character and empowers the person or organization on the receiving end.

THIRDpure generosity contains no regret. You must, must, must feel good about what you are giving and to whom you are giving, otherwise you probably will not do it again – and that’s just not the point of generosity. It is meant to be practiced. Daily. And with love.

Herewith, the organizations that I support with my whole heart…


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