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re·mix {riːˈmɪks} º to remix something means to make a new version of it by putting together the individual parts in a different way
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In theory, the thought of a bunch of women getting together to discuss a really great book with wine and cocktail party hors d’oeuvres could possibly be one of the best things ever invented. The classic book club is a welcomed respite from the monotony of every day life and a harmless journey into life’s alternate routes for women. How wonderful. But in so many ways it’s just not for me. I don’t do fiction. Mostly because I prefer to talk about the solutions and strategies behind having an extraordinary life; I would rather fix my life than try to escape it. I am no longer interested in fiction via books; not when magazines already do it so aesthetically well. Have you looked at a Paris Vogue lately? That kind of ‘perfection’ is definitely fiction! But I digress.

I want to remix the book club.  I only want to talk about books that better you. No fluff. No pressure. No time wasted. Just the good sh*t. That is the remix.

Your only cost is the cost of the book.
The only commitment is the one you make to yourself.

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